Voice Changer Mobile Headset for Nokia N70 N7210

Voice Changer Mobile Headset  for Nokia N70 N7210


  • This Multi Voice Changer can change your voice into different sounds. Funny and practical.
  • Sounds function: MALE and FEMALE
  • Disguise your voice while having the safety and convenience of hands-free.
  • Even your closest friends will not be able to recognize your voice. Some settings sound hilarious and are great for practical jokes while others can make anyone's voice sound deeper and more masculine.
  • Great for protecting women and children when home by themselves or for fooling your friends.
  • This device is universal and will work without an adapter on most cell phones that have a plug-in for a 2.5mm jack . You simply plug the end of this device into your cell phone. If you have an older model cell phone that does not have this type of plug you will need an adapter.
  • This will also work on many land line home phones that have a plug in for a hands-free headset.

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