Safety Tools

Safety Tools

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Micro Auto Car Multi Emergency Tool

  Description: This product is a self-help tool for emergency situations in the car,..


Vgate iCar OBDII Car Diagnostic Reader - Black/Orange

~~Description: •Vgate iCar OBDII Car Diagnostic Reader is a fast and efficient way to self diagnose..


10 Pieces Car Lock Pick Tool Set - Red

Features: It is designed for professional locksmiths It is used to pick the locks , which is..


4 in 1 Multifuction Car Emergency LED flashlight - Yellow

Features:Perfect flashlight for car ownersFlashing red light waningEmergency lightning Car safety be..


4 in 1 Car Utility Safety Tool

Specification: Pressure range: 0-100Psi, 0-6.9bar, 0-690Kpa, 0-7kgf/cm2; Pressure unit: Psi/..


5 in 1 Multi Function Waterproof Emergency Light

Specifications Safety Hammer ,Reamer,Lighting,Warning,Magnet,Working light  6 neon bulb..


53 Pieces Car Repair Kit - Black/Silver

Feature: High Quality Good quality case with latches Specification: Case Color: B..


8 in 1 Multifunction Screwdriver With LED Portable Torch

Features: Handy clothes clip Lightweight and compac design Magnetic CRV steel alloy heads ..


Anti Static Keychain With Flashing Light Indicator - Black

Feature: Key-Ring Auto Static Electricity Elimination Car Anti Static Keychain With Flas..


Car Rear Laser Projection Warning Light - Black

Features: It is portable and easy to install It can be more effectively to warn the behi..


Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge - Silver

Features: PSI and BAR setting Ranges 5.0 <> 100 PSI 0.35 <> 7.00 BAR LCD readi..


Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge Meter Measurer- Black

Features : Used for checking the tread depth of tires to see if the wear is still in the safet..


Magnetic Car Windshield Contact Number Plate - Black

Feature: Premium item of the interior effect Exchange the number easily The stand type wit..


Multifunction Emergency LED Flashlight Torch With Glass Hammer

Description: Use of high- power LED lamps, high brightness, long life, energy saving and envir..


Multifunction Handrail Car Cane With Flashlight - Red

Features : Nonslip grip is comfortable to hold Gives you the leverage to lift yourself u..