Electrical Tester

Electrical Tester

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Clamp Meter

DCV: 600V ± 1.0%25 ACV: 450V ± 1.2 %25 ACA: 20-200-400A ± 2.0%25 OHM: 200O ± 1.0%25 Powe..


DIY Oscilloscope Kit - Red -57%

DIY Oscilloscope Kit - Red

Description: DSO138 was designed as a training oscilloscope kit. It contains only the basical ..

₱2,499.00 ₱1,080.00

3 Phase Sequence Meter Rotation Indicator Tester

Features: Weight: 206g (With accessories) Dimensions: 8.5×6.4×2.3cm(Approx.) Operation Vol..


AC/DC DIGITAL  Multimeter Electronic Tester Meter Pre-Order

AC/DC DIGITAL Multimeter Electronic Tester Meter

Features: High accurate and superior reliable digital multi-meter with LCD screen Digital Mu..


AU Plug LED Socket Safety Tester ECLB RCD Tester 50/60Hz

Description: With 3 pin AU plug, easy to test for wrong socket wiring and electric leakage. ..


Best Digital Multimeter Electronic Tester Meter - Green Pre-Order

Best Digital Multimeter Electronic Tester Meter - Green

Features : Easy to operate, accurate readings, full-featured, compact, easy to carry and use b..


Compact Digital Multimeter - Green Pre-Order

Compact Digital Multimeter - Green

Feature: With a back-light for easy reading even in dark area Large display panel, easy to r..


Digital Battery Tester

Description: Quickly and easily determine the quality of the battery. Portable handheld desi..


Digital Battery Tester With LCD Screen - Black

Features: Brand new and high quality Double easy-to-read indeicate power level Can quickly..


Digital Clamp Meter 266

Features: Digital clamp meter with data hold function LCD display with automatic polarity in..


Digital Multimeter -23%

Digital Multimeter

New Digital Multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument that combines all your most commonly us..

₱540.00 ₱415.00

Electric 2 In 1 Metal Voltage Detector with LED Indicator



HOPI Industrial Handheld Tester 4500W Accuracy Power Tester

Functions: - Test power,voltage,current,accumulative power,annual power,frequency,with RS485 Port ..


Mini Mobile Power Capacity Tester - White

Feature: Can test the battery voltage, current, discharge capacity (total of 10 sets of data) ..


Multifunctional LCD Transistor Tester DIY Kit With Acrylic Case - Red

Product Description : This controller can be set 99 groups of time(steps), the relay switch in..