Electrical Tester

Electrical Tester

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Clamp Meter

DCV: 600V ± 1.0%25 ACV: 450V ± 1.2 %25 ACA: 20-200-400A ± 2.0%25 OHM: 200O ± 1.0%25 Powe..


DIY Oscilloscope Kit - Red

Description: DSO138 was designed as a training oscilloscope kit. It contains only the basical ..


3 Phase Sequence Meter Rotation Indicator Tester

Features: Weight: 206g (With accessories) Dimensions: 8.5×6.4×2.3cm(Approx.) Operation Vol..


AC/DC DIGITAL Multimeter Electronic Tester Meter

Features: High accurate and superior reliable digital multi-meter with LCD screen Digital Mu..


AU Plug LED Socket Safety Tester ECLB RCD Tester 50/60Hz

Description: With 3 pin AU plug, easy to test for wrong socket wiring and electric leakage. ..


Best Digital Multimeter Electronic Tester Meter - Green

Features : Easy to operate, accurate readings, full-featured, compact, easy to carry and use b..


Compact Digital Multimeter - Green Pre-Order

Compact Digital Multimeter - Green

Feature: With a back-light for easy reading even in dark area Large display panel, easy to r..


Digital Battery Tester

Description: Quickly and easily determine the quality of the battery. Portable handheld desi..


Digital Battery Tester With LCD Screen - Black

Features: Brand new and high quality Double easy-to-read indeicate power level Can quickly..


Digital Clamp Meter 266

Features: Digital clamp meter with data hold function LCD display with automatic polarity in..


Digital Multimeter

New Digital Multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument that combines all your most commonly us..


Electric 2 In 1 Metal Voltage Detector with LED Indicator



HOPI Industrial Handheld Tester 4500W Accuracy Power Tester

Functions: - Test power,voltage,current,accumulative power,annual power,frequency,with RS485 Port ..


Mini Mobile Power Capacity Tester - White

Feature: Can test the battery voltage, current, discharge capacity (total of 10 sets of data) ..


Multifunctional LCD Transistor Tester DIY Kit With Acrylic Case - Red

Product Description : This controller can be set 99 groups of time(steps), the relay switch in..