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Chelsea Dichromatic Optical Jadeite Filter - White

Description: The chelsea Filter is a helpful tool in distinguishing a few red and certain blue..


Halogen Refrigerant Freon Leak Detector

Quick Overview: Maximum Sensitivity 6gr/yr for all halogenated refrigerants.  Response ..


Handheld Multipurpose Cable Wire Tracker - Orange / Black

Feature: Can use for the long distance wiring tracing Find the cable and its approximate loc..


Netfeeler Lite Temperature Water Humidity Detector

Package includes 1 x Netfeeler Lite 2 x Door/Window Sensor 1. Introduction NetFeeler Lit..


Non Conductive Voltage Detector

  Non-conductive Voltage Detector · Detects voltage without metallic contact · Operatin..


C0 Carbon Monoxide Meter Monitor Gas Tester Pre-Order

C0 Carbon Monoxide Meter Monitor Gas Tester

Description: Can detect the existence of carbon monoxide (CO) and inspect its thickness &n..


Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm Box - Black

Product IntroductionThis product is a smart carbon monoxide detector with voice prompt, microprocess..


Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm Box - White

Product IntroductionThis product is a smart carbon monoxide detector with voice prompt, microprocess..


Combustible Gas Detector Natural LPG Coal

Specifications Measured gas: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, alkanes and other flammab..


Diamond Nite Diamond and Moissanite Tester

This is the first and only one step dual tester. This new revolutionary design is unmatched in perfo..


Diamond Selector Tester

The Diamond Selector II is a diamond tester for distinguishing diamonds from gems, simulants and&nbs..


Digital Oxygen Content Tester Meter Gas Alarm Detector

Product Description Specification: Can detect the oxygen (O2 ) content Measuring range: 0~25%..


DIY MFRC-522 RC522 RFID IC Module S50 RF Card Reader Arduino - Blue

Features:MFRC522 chip based boardOperating frequency 13.56MHzLow Supply Voltage 3.3VApprox 3cm ..


Earthquake Detector Alarm - White

Features: Provides early warning by detecting an earthquake's sound wave before the earthquake..


Earthquake Earlier Warning Detector Alarm- White

Features: Ground magnetic detection: detection the geomagnetic field parameters change alarm b..


KONGIN USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger - Black

Feature: Measure and log temperature and humidity data Instant data download with PC/laptop ..


Metal Stud Wire Detector - Blue

Features: An advanced detector with LCD screen and sound beep indicator, ideal for DIY decorati..


Netfeeler RS232 Intrface Mini Security Sensor - White

Features: Built-in sensors to detect changes in surrounding temperature and humidity . Built..


Pocket Wireless And Hidden Camera Bug Detector

Features: The Main Function of this Ghost Detector Wireless RF Detection Device is to check if..


Professional Wire Cable Metal Pipe Locator Detector Tester

Application: used for maintenance and check for communication cable, electrical power cable, constru..