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220v Dual USB Port Wall Charger Adaptor Socket - White

Description: Filled the need for an electrical socket with USB ports. The U-Socket has two 5-v..


5KM Nonradiative Small Easy to Carry Pocket Digital Walkie Talkie - Yellow/Black

Feature: •    Eight channel PMR system autoscan function •    LCD di..


80 inch Autofocus USB Home Endoscope with Adjustable LED light Pre-Order

80 inch Autofocus USB Home Endoscope with Adjustable LED light

Home Endoscope is a new electronic health care product, a household necessity. It can help yo..


CAT5 RJ45 Network LAN Cable Tester

Specification: LCD : 4 x 16 characters big screen (valid visual field 61.6 x 25.2 mm) Type ..


Chelsea Dichromatic Optical Jadeite Filter - White

Description: The chelsea Filter is a helpful tool in distinguishing a few red and certain blue..


Clamp Meter

DCV: 600V ± 1.0%25 ACV: 450V ± 1.2 %25 ACA: 20-200-400A ± 2.0%25 OHM: 200O ± 1.0%25 Powe..


Digital Shore C Hardness Durometer - Grey

Description: The hardness of rubber and plastics is their comprehensive performance reaction. ..


DIY Oscilloscope Kit - Red

Description: DSO138 was designed as a training oscilloscope kit. It contains only the basical ..


EMF Elecromagnetic Radiation Detector Detector DT-1130 ( 50Hz-2000MHz )

Features: Provide user a quick, reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field radiati..


Halogen Refrigerant Freon Leak Detector

Quick Overview: Maximum Sensitivity 6gr/yr for all halogenated refrigerants.  Response ..


Handheld Multipurpose Cable Wire Tracker - Orange / Black

Feature: Can use for the long distance wiring tracing Find the cable and its approximate loc..


Microcomputer Automatic Timer Switch- Black

Description: This product can automatically switch on and switch off various kinds of electric..


Netfeeler Lite Temperature Water Humidity Detector

Package includes 1 x Netfeeler Lite 2 x Door/Window Sensor 1. Introduction NetFeeler Lit..


Non Conductive Voltage Detector Pre-Order

Non Conductive Voltage Detector

  Non-conductive Voltage Detector · Detects voltage without metallic contact · Operatin..


Portable Handheld 40M Laser Distance Meter - Orange/Black

Description: The CP-40p laser range finder is designed for easy and precise measurement of dis..


Spartan Survival Parachute Cord Bracelet - Black

Description The Survival Bracelet allows you to survive in style out in the unknown. The cord ..


Stainless Steel Locksmith Lock Pick Training Practice Lock - Silver/Grey

Description: Cutaway professional practice in view of locking padlocks skill training coach se..


USB Digital Microscope 50x - 500x

 Description: Zoom Magnification: 50X-500X Extremely detailed images Dynamic 2.0 me..


0 - 25mm Portable Electronic Digital Deep Throat Micrometer 0.001mm - Blue

Description:Digital Deep Throat Micrometers, also called Sheet Metal Micrometers, allow you to measu..


1.4" LCD Ultrasonic Distance Measurer with Red Laser Pointer

Specifications: Item: 1.4" LCD Ultrasonic Distance Measurer with Red Laser Pointer (1*6F22) ..